Caesar Security



Caesar security have there own purpose built training centre, which is run by a Brtish Institute Of Professional Dog Trainers, Trainer and Examiner. The Dogs and Handlers are regularly put through their paces practising, obedience, agility search and protection work all to a very high standard. Ensuring that they not only meet the standard required but exceed them.


Caesar Security isn't just a secure solution to secure issues. For some time the Director has been in training and has recently decided to further his education again regarding the breeding of dogs.

This choice has come about because Peter is determined to produce, not just the right developments regarding the training of Dogs, but also the right genes in their breeding.

With an operation that has already attracted some of the biggest names in the business and provided services for some of the most renowned operations in the County, a Diploma would not seem to be beyond reach in order to assure delivery of security, not just from a military background, but from the best education can provide. 

Caesar Security have always been aware of what makes or breaks a good Guard Dog. Time and experience show this to be the real test. But to understand a Dog completely; to be able to produce a Dog that's worthy of being one of the best, the only solution has to be total control of production and breeding.


Later in the afternoon the crowds were treated to a wonderful display of dog handling by Peter Branch of Caesar Security. To an accompanying commentary, Peter showed his dog training and handling skills, by putting two of his working dogs through their paces.


The amazing fact was that one of his dogs had only been with him for a few weeks, had arrived untrained and very overweight. General obedience routines were gone through to show how love and attention will get the best from a dog.


This was followed by an exciting demonstration of how a trained dog can protect its master, attack an attacker and then withdraw with just a word of command. A very large and menacing man (with a suspiciously over-developed left arm) entered the arena and attempted to attack Peter. His dog immediately flew at the man rendering him harmless, then withdrew and kept a watching brief as Peter contained the villain.


This riveting show, illustrated both the general obedience and perfectly controlled aggression that is the trademark of a well trained security dog.

Peter, his dogs and even the villain received huge applause from adults and children alike.